A piece of me, translated into sounds

You put your hands on the keys and everything flows so naturally on the perfect chords with the perfect sounds.

Raw feelings are magically turned into frequencies, your soul pours directly into music. You are music and the music becomes you.

Sound by sound, section by section, the song gets build and you don’t even realize it. The warm feeling in your chest, the slight vibration in your teeth and a total detachment from everything. It’s just you and the music, feelings without any thought censorship.

This is music high, when you get high exclusively with the creation process, with the music. One of the nicest feelings out there, I’d wish everybody could experience it at least once.

I’m sure that my producer friends have experienced this at least once. Let me know, did you?

The next day you listen what you did in that trance state. After a few measures an involuntary smile appears, you know that everything you hear is you, translated into sounds.

Unfortunately this doesn’t happen often because of daily stress, it only comes when you’re in an calm state without any worries.

This is how “You My Dear” was born, a song made in about an hour. It’s a piece of me, translated into sounds.

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